My scrapbook.
Satirical Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski
This is one of the more literal ones but it really strikes a cord with what’s occurring in HK.
Astrophotography at Salar de Uyuni
Porcelain poppies surround the Tower of London to commemorate World War I
Ogilvy & Mather’s Induction Box To New Employees
Shukhov TowerI was just admiring the 160-metre-high free-standing steel diagrid structure. It was built in the period 1920–1922, during the Russian Civil War.That’s all.
Pamphlet Architecture #32 -  ResilienceMatt Ozga-Lawn and James A. Craig of Stasus
Put another way, abandoned objects, locations, and spaces have a particular kind of architectural potential energy, a lack of precise definition that allows them to hover somewhere between promise and realization; however misleading it might actually be, then, dereliction implies a unique capacity for transformation—an ability to assume radically new spatial characteristics in the future—whilst simultaneously presenting what we could describe as fossils of an earlier world, one that has long since disappeared or ceased to operate.
The House of the Infinite / Alberto Campo Baeza
Building; Machines - Neil Denari

Architectural experimentation, gripped correctly, is a political hammer, demolishing the primitive shack of thought currently guiding architectural ideologies. K/K R&D seeks poltical alternatives to these increasing irrelevant dogmas. Politics exist beyond prime time, chaos is not a theory, buildin gs are not literary, and technology is not an advertising slogan.
Mosquitoes (Ken Kaplan) on Lebbeus Woods Blog

Their use of the machine is both a critique of functionalism and a call for hands-on invention that transcends corporate goals and limits.